Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this store's return and exchange policy?

    All our print-on-demand  items are non-returnable, this is due to us investing most of the cost into the production of this item AFTER purchase.    That being said, If your item arrives damaged or clearly not the size you ordered please contact us ASAP.  We are able to have corrections processed within 2 weeks of your receiving your order. 

    We are NOT able to replace items that were purchased in the wrong size.  If you ordered a small but wanted a medium, we cannot refund the cost of the made item. 

  • Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

    At this time we are not accepting orders outside the US.  The ever changing cost of shipping has made it difficult for out small business to ship internationally.  If you are outside the US and looking to place an order, please contact us and we shall see if we help you.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?  Most of our print-on-demand items should like an estimated delivery date under the order tab.  Most items take 2-3 weeks to arrive, although many do arrive much sooner.  As most of our items are made AFTER you purchase the time to receive your package takes a little bit longer than most warehouse stores. 

  •  What does APO mean?   APO simply translates to "All Over Print"

  •  What does DTG and Print-On-Demand mean?

    A DTG or 'Direct To Garment' means that a graphic is printed directly onto a garment using one of several methods. Print-on-Demand also means that an item is printed and made when the item is ordered.  They are essentially the same.

    These items are made at a reliable garment printers, who specializes at this type of printing. All the graphics and fabric prints are designed 'in house' and then the printer applies them to the garment. Each of the graphics and fabric designs we offer in our store are EXCLUSIVE to our store, and cannot be purchased in other locations.

    All DTG orders are processed and shipped from the printer directly to you. This means that after your order begins to process we are unable to cancel or adjust the order. 

  • What size should I buy?


    WE strive to list all items at a US standard size, but that very open for variation between companies. However, all our Print-On-Demand items have a measurement guide in their description.  If you aren't sure please reference that guide. 

If you need more information please feel free to contact me.